Are you punished for being poor?

Send an email to me, just to let everyone know that you still care. Let Caylee know that you still care. A lot of our efforts at protesting are being hindered, but we can still speak. One thing we found out from the “garbage collector” She states that she found some comments from the public web searches in their trash.

They can still hear you. So keep talking.

Ericka Courtney


This comes from the responses from the readers of my blogs. I was under the impression that this case was being treated this way because of racism in our communities. Our country for that matter. However because of emails that I received on September 10, 2009, I made a public apology in my blog. I was wrong. But these statements not only convicted me to accept the truth, but to also questioned the motivation behind the donors in this case. Many of us are believing that this is a case of economics. Meaning the more you have, for example, money, power, influence, the better the justice system works for you. This is true in a lot of cases. However, is Caylee Poor? The treatment of her life is being treated as if she were a child in poverty.

Meanwhile the organizations that offered to hand her family over 1.5 million did not seem to fund the search for her daughter. Will this money help to assist in the search for Caylee? Will the money be put in a fund to help the other families that are struggling to finance their efforts to find their own children? This money is being announced to be for the defense of casey, george, cindy. Since they now all attorneys’. Many protestors invested their time and money to take the trip.

 Although I realize that many people disagree with the protestors, it was still their time and efforts for a child that is not theirs. Many volunteers, as many as 1200 visited the woods to search for Caylee. It was their gas money, and with the prices at 4.00 a gallon in Florida, it was a sacrifice. I pray that they are blessed. Maybe they should even sue on behalf of their emotional damages, should any money be awarded to this group of people that call themselves a family. Money did not come from the organizations for this cause. Yet they want to capitalize on this case. Was Caylee some child from a third world country that noone knew? Was she a faceless entity that graced us with her presence, only to have her life forgotten with the passing wind? How many of us saw her? How many of us had the chance to speak with her? How many children did she make friends with? How many people were in her circle. We can see that casey had many in her circle. We can see that casey had plenty of happiness. What can we say for Caylee?

For those of you that don’t understand, caseys name is being uncapitalized intentionally. Capitalization is for people of importance. Caylee is important. The scene of casey is becoming more and more unAmerican. This is not the way we do things here. I know better. I have seen the love of many reach out to m,e and it gives me hope that Caylee will receive the royal treatment she deserves. Treating her life as if she’s a third class citizen in our country is intolerable. Caylee is not poor, yet her body may lay in a shallow grave. Caylee is not poor, yet the memory of her seems to be fading, with her own family. It is a travesty when the ones who are supposed to protect you don’t. It is not Americas fault, it is the mother who gave birth to her, and the people that were entrusted with her life to guard her. In your own lives, if you see the light in the eyes of a child begin to become faint, say something. If you see a situation that looks abusive, say something. If you aren’t sure. say something. Maybe this could have been avoided if someone would have just said something. My family and I are starting a fund to help Caylee. We will attempt to save a small amount every week in order that when Caylee is found, we will be able to contribute to her. If we could all agree to do the same, her life will be made royal. Caylee won’t be poor anymore.

Please send me a letter and give me your name. I want to create a roster of the people that are committed to keeping her life Rich. No personal info is necessary, unless you’d like. Just say, I’d like to try to help when the time comes. No money comes to me, you put in a account for safekeeping of her. Then we will send to the cause to help her expenses. I wonder if Caylee had Life insurance. Is their a policy that’s active?

Ericka Courtney

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